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Hi this is Sally Hooper , market researcher and software developer for online focus group software, InterQue. I have 20 years experience in this field and have been in the online world since 1992. Mostly I have many ideas about how one can do market research easily and cheaply. I may use this venue to tell you some of the ways I have seen that you can have almost all of the functions needed for very little money. Or Market Research on a Dime!


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  1. OK many may know this but I could never really figure out why anyone would want to use Webex when it is so easy to just save out Power Point slides in HTML format, upload to your website and send the link to all whom you want to see it. Then if you want audio arrange a conference call for all who know have your link and go for it. Cost? the cost of the conference call. Ease? you and your customers do not have to learn WebEx. simple? yes. Any one doing that? Not that I know of. This has been available for 15 years that I know of. Why? please let me know if you have a reason for doing it otherwise. I would LOVE to know!

  2. OK so here’s another one. If you could buy a piece of software that would do ALL you really needed to do to have online focus groups, it was professional and was the cost of maybe 5-8 rented group rentals, would you do it? or would you not do it? Go to our website and look it over. InterQue online focus group software at or call me at 323-871 – 2145.

  3. If you have a group of customers that you need feedback from, that group should be easy to query for that feedback. EITHER by online focus groups or BBS’s Bulletin Board Services OR even email surveys.

    One thing you will need to be careful of if you are doing the questionnaire writing yourself is keeping your questions so they illicit truthful answers, in other words do not write your questions to get the answers you want or think they will/ should answer! Note: if this is a danger – hire out that part of the project, just get a survey written for you. then YOU collect the data. Then you could even hire a report written if you think you cannot interpret results impartially. idea?

  4. Check back for more ideas on How to do Market Research on a Dime…if you have a $500,000 budget for the year – do not bother to read further. Just go hire whomever – I am sure they would be glad to device many expensive, complicated, convoluted methods for your projects that will impress and befundle all your bosses! check our website and our Online Focus Group Software: InterQue for more ideas. We also will scout out, install and train you on any piece of open source software. That softwaere is FREE. All you would pay is our time. idea? we are full of ideas.

  5. Need a BBS? that is part of our InterQue Online Focis Group product. Two for the price of one. Look us up on Facebook.

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