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Thoughts on InterQue for a Charter School:

There are many other things an online focus group program can be used for besides online focus groups:

1. Presentations
2. Teaching online
3. Informal questions online to gather student information
4. Student chat groups that are supervised
5. Additional material for classes online indefinitely and changeable for extra curricular activity
6. Ect.

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Welcome to our blog about online marketing research. We are a small online company of 3 that develops software for the market research industry and can develop almost anything you may need for the Internet. Our specialty is also customer service and we will walk you through any set of circumstances you may have a need for, actually online and offline!! Our history includes old time BBS’s, the Crusader BBS and the Ingrid BBS. Should anyone remember them. From there we went to developing software, web sites and internet solutions, open source and non open source. Our latest brain child is called InterQue and it is online software for focus groups and BBS’s / message boards or over time focus groups. We are very people oriented and given to help so just ask anything you would like.